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We empower our clients and crew to reach new heights through transformative technology solutions.

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Copilot's Story

Copilot was designed from the ground up to combine the flexibility of consulting with the power of in-house expertise. After working in consulting and in-house at private equity, real estate, and tech firms for decades, we knew what to do.

Our team spent a lot of time working for consulting firms that wanted to implement a project and then move on to the next one. As a result, clients were left with unfulfilled enhancement requests and ongoing enablement challenges, leaving the implemented technology’s potential unfulfilled. 

Our goal is to build long-term partnerships with our clients and serve as a strategic extension of their team. We solve Salesforce and data challenges with user-centric design and so you can focus on growing your business.

Our Values

No one flies solo

Client success is our #1 priority. We partner with every client to transform their business using solutions they actually want to use.

Crew above all

Our crew is stronger together and ready to take on the toughest challenges. We value our team’s diverse voices, perspectives, and backgrounds.

Climb higher

We are curious learners, continually improving so we can reach new heights for ourselves, each other, and our clients.

Autopilot off

Every challenge we face is an opportunity to fly. We find creative solutions to difficult problems.

Always clear skies

We believe in the power of transparency. We do everything with the honesty, integrity, and candor necessary to grow according to our values.

Enjoy the flight

It’s important to get the hard work done, but we make sure we’re having fun along the way.

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Copilot Careers

Copilot's Crew

David Tebbi


Thomas Lesnick


Albert Wang

Salesforce Consultant

Alyssa Harper

Business Analyst

Christine Graver

Finance and Operations Lead

Collin McLaughlin

Solution Architect

David Graver

Solution Architect

Don Koppel

Principal Architect

Elbert Kim

Business Analyst

Jake Flynt

Technical Architect

Joe Hall

Solution Architect

June Duan

Senior Consultant

Kaila Van Fossen

Solution Architect

Kathy Brown

VP of Delivery

Nick Spencer

Salesforce Consultant

Nick Welch

Solution Architect

Scott Pratt

Head of Talent Acquisition

Trevor Lai

Salesforce Technical Architect

Trevor Pollack

Solution Architect

Victoria Gonglach

Business Analyst

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